DO 3 Steps Forward

To A Fully Integrated Digital Marketing Solution

The Route to DO More.

Research & Data Insights

The road to a successful digital solution begins by understanding your business goals and uncovering insights about your target customer, your competition, and your own practice.

Multi-channel Growth Strategy

Patients can be reached in a myriad of ways; it’s our work to determine the most efficient and effective route to connect you to your current and future patients.

Analytics & Metrics

DO has an ROI-based, scientific approach to testing and measuring marketing performance for optimal increase in new patients.

Digital Solution Process

Digital Assessment

Are you getting the highest possible ROI on your digital marketing program?

DO gives you an independent, informed perspective on where improvements can be made so you can gain more patients.

The DO Digital Assessment is the first step to uncovering the opportunities and barriers to your growth. DO provides the insights and analyses needed to develop your custom digital solution.

DO delves into the data to bring you a comprehensive assessment of your current digital activity and your competitors’ digital performance.

Areas Explored in DO Digital Assessment

  • Current Digital State & Goals

    Number of Employees, Office Locations, Critical Lag Metric, Digital Mix

  • Traffic, Keywords, Inlinks

  • Social

    Facebook, Crafted & Trending Content, Influencers

  • Website

    Code, Speed, Usability, Conversion

  • AdWords, Landing Pages, Clicks, IS Metrics, Quality Score

  • Tech & SEO

    Errors, Warnings, Notices

Assessment Phase 1: Test Case – National Focus

Overarching Goal:

Quantify your practice baseline and analyze
Competitor performance to identify new opportunities for optimizing organic and paid search channels

  • Findings PDF with observations, insights, ideas, and strategy recommendations for your custom cross-channel digital program
  • Trello Project Board with Phase 1 Backlog

Assessment Phase 2: Markets Drill Down – Local Focus

Local Market Analysis:

Top down approach utilizing operations and financial data for specific practice locations to drive deeper and more targeted data


Next iterations of channel optimization cycle

Assessment Phase 3: Critical Measures

Post-Implementation Primary Lead Measures:

Input to Influence Change

  • Traffic + Conversions + New Customers Acquired
Post-Implementation Primary Lag Measure:

Output to Measure Change

  • Revenue Lift

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Pilot Program

Take the Digital Assessment findings and recommendations for a test flight with the DO Pilot Program.

The DO Pilot shows you the growth that is possible in just 4 months.

Test and Validate Digital Market Strategy in the Real Market Situation Mitigate Financial Risks with Gradual Investment in Digital Marketing Build Reusable Assets to be leveraged in future Digital Program Gain Actionable Insights to Guide future Digital Marketing Program

DO will create a customized trial program, so you can see real growth and measure ROI in just 2 Steps:

Build the Pilot Program – Month 1

Establish the base digital marketing technology, strategy, and content.

Technology Platform – Set-up and Configuration
  • Google Analytics set-up
  • Facebook Business set-up
  • CRM
  • On Page Lead Capture Tools
Digital Marketing Strategy – Preliminary Strategy Development
  • 3 Primary Ad Groups
  • 3-4 Ad Concepts for each Group to Define Phase 1 Ad Messaging
  • Paid Search Terms for each Ad Group
  • Estimated Metics and Funnel Conversion Rates
  • Initial Budgets for Paid Search & Paid Social Media
  • Initial Assumptions on Paid Advertising Split Across Channels
This preliminary strategy will be refined by incorporating learnings and insights for future Digital Marketing Program.
TContent – Asset Development
  • Necessary Website Enhancements
  • Landing Pages for A/B Testing
  • Facebook Business Page & Lead Ads (Paid Social Ads)
    • Tracking & Integration
  • Google AdWords (Paid Search)
    • Tracking & Integration
  • Email Campaign Development
    • HTML Email Templates
      Email CRM Software for Nurture Marketing
      Email Copy, Key Message Development

Run the Pilot Program – Months 2 – 4

Execute 3 full months of managed services and data collection.
  • Active Tracking
    • Site Traffic
    • Traffic-to-Lead Conversion
    • Lead-to-New Patient Conversion
    • New Patient Booking
  • Paid Search
    • Channel Spend Allocation
    • AdWords Bidding, Ad Placement, Refinements Based on Competitor Dynamics
  • Optimization
    • Testing, Iterative Management
    • Ad and Message Refinement
  • Evaluation
    • Multivariate Testing (A/B)
    • Heat Map & Click Analysis
    • On-Page User Feedback
    • Paid Search Analysis, Cost-Per-Click, Conversion Rates
  • Reporting and Communication
    • Weekly Key Activity Report
    • Bi-Weekly Update Call
    • Monthly Reporting of Key Metrics & Findings
At the end of the 3 month Pilot Program run, DO will conduct a Full Pilot Evaluation to:

Review Pilot Program Ads to assess Lead Generation Efficiency Discover your Average Spend Per Lead
See the Total New Patients Acquired via Digital Channels in Pilot Program
and Estimate the New Patient Lifetime Value

Develop the road map for your Fully Managed Digital Marketing Solution.

Fully Managed Services Solution

Your Digital Marketing Solution.
DO builds, manages, analyzes, and optimizes your custom digital program to Increase New Patient Volume.

Attract and Convert Patients through a Fully Managed Multi-Channel Digital Program, integrated with your operations, yielding high ROI and increased engagement.

Implement a 12 month minimum integrated effort, with monthly dashboard analysis and reporting, across all digital channels to prove-out new patient growth through:

  • Strategically Increased Ad Spend
  • Expanded Ad Group Segmentation
  • Expanded Organic Content Publishing Efforts (SEO)
  • New Email Campaign Sequences for Contact Nurturing
  • New Paid Ad Channel Recommendations
  • Enhanced Website Online Patient Experience
  • Improved Capture Rates
Systematically optimized across digital channels for Lowest Cost Per Patient Acquisition and Strategically Direct Funds to yield Highest Possible ROI.