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Your Fully Integrated Digital Marketing Solution

Digital Optz Builds, Manages, Analyzes, and Optimizes your Digital Program Solution to DO More.

Turn Traffic Into Patients
  • Conversion Optimization

    + A/B Multivariate Testing, Heat Mapping, Usability Testing

  • Landing Page Development

    + Sub-Domains & Campaign Assets

Drive Targeted Traffic
  • Online Reputation Management

    + Review, Monitoring, Scoring, Review Acquisition

  • Local Profile Management

    + Monitor & Improve Local Search Engines & Directories

  • SEO

    + On-Page & Off-Page Link Building

Build Patient Loyalty
  • Email Marketing

    + Targeted Campaigns, Behavior-Based Automation

  • Social Media Marketing

    + Audience Growth, Social Listening, Facebook Lead Ads, Promoted Tweets

  • Content Marketing

    + Blog, New Site Pages, Lead Capture Offers

Generate Insights to Build Your Practice
  • Analytics

    + Traffic, Leads, Cost Per Acquisition, ROI

  • Website Development

    + Site Development, Mobile, Product Management

  • Full Stack Infrastructure

    + Hosting, Security, Speed, Git, Software Updates

ROI Measurement

Any agency can create websites, campaigns, and increase traffic. DO will be accountable for consistently delivering high ROI across digital channels, giving you a repeatable formula for growth in existing and new markets.

The DO Dashboard

The One Place to Run Your Insight-Driven Digital Marketing Program

DO’s proprietary Dashboard software enables you to examine your digital performance health in one convenient location. The DO Dashboard allows you to view your digital activity by critical metric and then provides recommendations for action for improvements.

Allocate ad spend in higher performing channels with lower average cost per lead.

Reduce campaign and resource waste.
Accelerate the most effective efforts.

The DO Dashboard provides the essential data insights to enable smart decisions for optimal digital performance in order to gain more new patients and engage your current patients.

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Steps to DO Success

New Patient Growth

DO determines your specific issues and challenges converting website traffic into patients and solves them with cost-per-lead calculations and A/B testing to reveal your path to new patients.

Target Specific Conditions

DO gives you the ability to discover, target, and promote specific disease states and specialty high-profit procedures.

Traffic Analysis & Action

DO conducts competitor analyses to gain a thorough understanding of the market digital mix, revealing opportunities and challenges. DO continuously assesses the quantity and quality of traffic to your various digital channels to gain real-time insights, quickly making necessary adjustments to both extend and target your reach.

Growth Channel Strategy

DO develops data-driven, strategically-grounded campaigns with multi-channel, integrated, diversified communication channels to yield new patients.

Local Data Management

Reaching local patients is essential to success, but the local search ecosystem is challenging to navigate and time-consuming to manage. DO provides a single platform to easily manage and interpret the data, guiding you through this landscape, turning referral traffic into new patient opportunities.

Online Reputation Enhancement

Don’t leave your online reputation to chance. The DO Dashboard systematically monitors, measures, optimizes, and manages your online presence - an essential part of your fully managed digital program.